Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cards urge fines for unwanted papers

The Examiner is stirring up trouble again with its practice of throwing newspapers on the doorsteps or driveways where it is not wanted.

This time, an unknown person in San Francisco is attaching cards to Examiners that say "The SF Examiner is TRASHING OUR CITY." A resident who agrees can sign the card and mail it to City Hall, according to the website SFist.

The cards began appearing soon after San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, one of 11 members of the city's legislative branch, proposed fines for newspapers that deliver to homes where residents have requested that the paper stop delivery. His legislation is expected to come before the Board of Supervisors in June.

Examiner Publisher John Wilcox claims that his paper will stop delivery if requested, but the "comments" section of the SFist posting suggests otherwise. A sample:
    "These things are flung helter skelter all over the sidewalks, no delivery person is paying attention to addresses."

    "As you call and send those forms, also remember that the Examiner is owned by a rich, right-wing nut."

    "email them. that worked for us and our whole block now hasn't received it for over a year. make sure to include in the email your not interested to read such incompetent journal first thing in the morning IN A PLASTIC BAG."

    "I have emailed and called them. Neither works."

    "I like them on the sidewalk. They give me a near lifetime supply of dog s--- bags."
This isn't the first time the Examiner's delivery method has caused trouble. Residents in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. are upset and those around Baltimore convinced a state legislator to introduce a bill that would fine publishers who deliver unwanted papers. The legislator withdrew her bill when the Examiner and other papers promised to clean up their act.