Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Metro New York launches zoned edition

Metro New York, which reports a daily circulation of 314,113, has launched a 40,000-circulation edition on Thursdays for the borough of Queens. The new edition allows Metro to sell ads at a lower rate in just that area of New York City.

“Advertisers want to target their local market in the most efficient way," says Ed Abrams, Executive Sales Director, Metro New York. “This Queen’s zoned edition is a chance to get [the advertiser’s] sales message in front of your most-likely customers: those who live or work near your business.”

The zoned edition is one of several innovations by the U.S. Metro papers after they were taken over last year by former Metro International chief executive Pelle Tornberg. The three Metros -- New York, Boston and Philadelphia -- have undergone successful redesigns. The amount of advertising has improved, and the ads are mostly from major national and regional accounts. Zoning will allow Metro to go after smaller advertisers that haven't been able to afford newspaper ads.