Thursday, February 15, 2007

This smells fishy

Metro New York, part of the Metro International chain, will become the first newspaper in the U.S. to offer scratch-and-sniff advertisement capabilities to its business partners. Please note that Hustler magazine did this many years ago, though the subject matter was different. This time around the company Free-Standing Inserts (FSI) will give readers the chance to sample products such as perfume and flavored foods before purchasing. The first advertiser to take advantage of Metro New York’s innovative new program is Glaceau’s cookie-scented product, Crumbles. For what it's worth, milk producers in California (the "Got Milk" people) flopped when they introduced cookie scents to bus stops in San Francisco, thinking it would cause consumers to buy milk. Instead, it caused consumers to call lawyers and city officials, who had the scents removed.