Saturday, February 17, 2007

'Politico' grabs attention in D.C.

We can only imagine what billionaire Phil Anschutz thought on Sunday morning if he had turned on CBS and caught "Face The Nation." Anschutz has poured tens of millions into his Examiner free dailies in San Francisco and Baltimore, but especially Washington, D.C., where he wishes to influence Congress. Yet who was invited to be host Bob Schieffer's fellow questioner? John Harris, editor-in-chief of the Politico, the new free daily in Washington owned by the Albritton family.

As we have noted previously, the Washington Examiner is so forgettable that when the AP did a story about the Politico's launch, it didn't even list the Examiner as one of the papers circulating in the nation's capital.

There is evidence that the Washington Examiner's new editor is trying to build a staff, but so far all he has picked up are job-hunting right-wingers. Meanwhile, the Politico is being viewed as "a model for future newspapers," as The Editors Weblog put it. And its staff, as evidenced by Sunday's "Face The Nation" appearance, is on Washington's "A List." Next Sunday the questioners on "Face The Nation" will include Josephine Hearn of the Politico.