Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Metro moving to London's Fleet Street

In one of his first moves as CEO, Per Mikael Jensen (right) is moving Metro International's headquarters to London's Fleet Street, the spiritual home of the British press. Some 70 employees will relocate there including the chain's global editorial, finance, marketing, research, online and global ad sales departments. According to, the new offices at 85 Fleet Street were previously occupied by Reuters, which was the last major news organization to leave the "street of ink" in 2005.

“We are excited by the idea of moving such a modern publisher as Metro into the historical heartland of the newspaper industry," chief operating officer Chris Spalding is quoted by PressGazette as saying. "“In a way this move sees newspapers coming full circle: Metro broke the mould of daily newspaper publishing and now we are back where that mould was originally cast."