Sunday, December 16, 2007

Examiner blogger accused of plagiarism

It's bad enough that a blogger on the San Francisco Examiner website was caught stealing stories from other papers without attribution. But to make matters worse, Executive Editor Jim Pimentel says that the Examiner doesn't edit blogs before they are posted, and that errors are only corrected when they're discovered afterward. The plagiarism and Pimentel's answer were reported by a rival paper, the San Francisco Weekly. The Weekly says that unpaid blogger Sharon Gray "created the appearance of being an unusually industrious investigative reporter, writer, and photographer, when in fact much of her work consisted of material taken from elsewhere on the Internet." While aggregating content from other sources is done widely on the Internet, the standard practice is to attribute the source of the information -- something Gray did not do. After Pimentel was questioned about Gray's blog, it disappeared from the Examiner's website.