Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Four people put out new free daily in Utah

"This is a tabloid that we wanted to talk to the reader, and not at them," explains Josh Awtry, the editor behind The Buzz, the Salt Lake Tribune's new afternoon free daily. "And hopefully, readers can see that difference right off the bat. Serious headlines are written with weight. . . . And we have a lot more fun in the tone of our lighter stories, too."

Connie Coyne, the Reader Advocate at the Tribune, wrote this piece Monday about The Buzz. She writes:
    "Designed to be read in 20 minutes — the average time for a rider on TRAX (the local light rail system) — the publication boils down the best of breaking national and world news, local breaking news, business, fun facts, puzzles and sports. ... In order to make sure a staff of four people could produce this five days a week, the section size is limited and the individual pages are the same every day. There are defined spaces for advertisements and so much space for stories, photos, graphics and puzzles."