Saturday, October 27, 2007

Free Daily Assn. snags me as a contributor

I was flattered and surprised when Henry Scott, the founding publisher of Metro New York, asked to add my blog to the website for the new organization he is forming, the Free Daily Association of North America. For several years now, I've been posting news and commentary about this emerging industry here at at From now on, I plan to post new items both here and there, Once you type in that URL, you will be automatically re-directed to a sign-in page. Go ahead and sign up. It doesn't cost anything. And once inside you'll not only find my blog but contributions from many others. And you'll be able to communicate with others in this emerging industry. As Scott put it, it's a "place to ask questions, get answers and get to know one another."

For the record, while I am happy to have my blog hosted by the association, my views are my own. I don't speak for the association or anyone else. I'm independent.

As always, I welcome tips from readers. Many of you take the time to send me inside information or links to stories you've seen. I appreciate the help. I also appreciate corrections, criticism and ideas. My e-mail address is As many of you know, I keep my sources anonymous when asked.