Thursday, March 15, 2007

Has the 'Red Eye' lawsuit been settled?

Maybe the lawsuit over the title "Red Eye" has been resolved? A few weeks ago, Tribune Co., which owns the Chicago free daily "RedEye" sued Fox News for trademark infringement for launching an overnight news program also called "Red Eye."

Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Rosenthal notes that on Fox News's Web site, the "Red Eye" program is now being called simply "Greg Gutfeld's Show" with no reference to "Red Eye."

By the way, Rosenthal pokes fun at his employer's claims in the lawsuit. He writes:
    Besides pushing Fox News for a new name, the newspaper company also seeks unspecified damages, alleging that Gutfeld's show and its Internet site "contain nearly identical content" to Chicago's free weekday RedEye tabloid and its Web presence.

    The suit specifically cites such topics as Anna Nicole Smith, Barack Obama and the Oscars.

    Honest. Unique stuff like that.